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 Focus attention health hazard of three children stationery!

Published 2011-1-25 17:56:00 - Notebooks

    Primary and middle school students every day to deal with learning, the safety of stationery stationery directly related to the children's health. Recently, shandong dongying city consumer association issued consumptive caution, remind all parents and primary and middle school students' vigilance three toxic stationery.
Remove the long-term use of easy poisoning, poisoned factors have the following three points:

     1. Nowadays, a lot of primary and middle school students pencil-box has not put rubber, to be replaced by correction fluid.
     2. As a synthetic chemicals, correction fluid containing xylene etc chemicals.
     3. Contains the xylene to hepatic, kidney cause long-term chronic damage.

Crayons is children with the widespread use of art supplies:
     1. Crayons containing heavy metals, health hazard.
     2. Dyestuff is the main composition of crayons, crayons of heavy metal mainly comes from adding inorganic dyes that natural ore. The minerals of antimony, arsenic, lead, mercury and other heavy metal elements were excess intake of human body, easy cause heavy metal poisoning.

Pay special attention to fragrance Kids Stationery most harmful to the body:
     1. Such as fragrant, ball pen, pencil eraser etc fragrance stationery, hear much will have giddy feeling.
     2. Especially some without qualified logo fragrance stationery, many are mixed with industrial raw materials, including such as formaldehyde out a variety of harmful substances.
     3. The central nervous system of the primary and secondary school students underdevelopment, long-term use of these inferior fragrance stationery, right healthy is very adverse.



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 Children stationery Japan market talk Kids Stationery trend

Published 2011-1-25 8:44:00 - Notebooks

    Every 2 to 3 months period when Japanese children into the park, the entrance, new term begins before, it was also the upsurge of various new market commodity attract consumer attention the superexcellent opportunity. Kids Stationery and the average adult use stationery in purposes have obvious difference. Adult use stationery is mainly provides in work for the real life of articles for daily use, however, this essay is students stationery learning process applied by a tool. Children just contact when the way is through practice knowledge of the various stationery and the use of purpose, such as scissors to cut items such as the tool is dangerous. Students to learn the ability to adapt to society life, this is the most important function of children stationery. Children stationery for student is built.

  Children stationery market characteristic of lies in: actual leading consumer behavior is the student guardian. Children in the purchase of goods not confined to stationery; but children itself be fond of, pay outside the parents can have the choice of thirty. Besides having can cause children to be popular.

  Interesting design besides, the most important thing is to let the parents with purchasing power for identification of product contents. Children stationery market mainly concentrated in 2 to 4 months between. Look around year-round sales status, including children stationery, general stationery, stationery overall market in April for sale blitz before, and then it gradually declines. Among them, the children's stationery in the most competitive, store in front of the commodity exhibition and decoration booths for sales performance of polarization. Department stores and supermarkets sell for April into the park, entrance season since February will begin selling, using specific setting theme display in stimulating consumer spending fluctuate, conduct a sales war, the entire stationery market also appears very busy.

  But a passed April into the park, enter a season after the exhibition venue, AD hoc sale, but also be delisted in this paragraph sells during the commodity prices also immediately after a sharp slowdown. The continuum of stationery stores in general, commodity booth to display the mostly common office machines or in the beginning and high school students primarily stationery, sales target range are broad, relatively children stationery commodity booth scale becomes much smaller. Mainly sales "hello Kitty", "pooh", "rice fly rabbit" cartoon characters such as the stationery is given priority to, stores will 4-storey children stationery fixed display space, but no cartoon design commodities are not so respectfully. This is children's stationery sales season are mainly concentrated in kindergartens and elementary school ?

  In the park, entrance supplies sales war since February, mainly concentrated in the department store or supermarkets, meet Saturday on or holidays are the whole family went to purchase. If students in elementary implementation muftis regulation, most parents will held the opening day to wear clothing, bags and entrance need stationery concurrently purchase. Businessman special exhibition venue also sold in the field with purchasing checklist for consumers to send out, check whether there are omissions of items, so if you want to purchase the relevant kindergartens and elementary school students admission related supplies here is fully furnished. So the children in the kindergarten and primary school supplies of preparation work, no matter to parents or stationer, sales store is always a ?

  Japanese Kids Stationery market belongs to closure, Japanese children stationery market of consumer quality requirements of the price is better than factors so overall won't have a low price competition situation. But manufacturer also to in a short sale blitz safety, abandon {'s price profit marketing way to meet consumers' needs high quality goods strategy. Currently occupy market manufacturers most agreed that opinion. So what you use method conform to the consumer need to develop the goods? From each year into the park, and student enrollment number and gender ratio children in the data can be roughly estimate market integrity demand. With children in object promotes commodities, cartoon character's influence is considerable, and make the ?

  Of course in this situation, rarely have a new manufacturers into * * * products field, even by domestic enterprises in the influence of low fertility rate from this gradually declined market exit. At present the market presents each trade for a limited cake manufacturer of situation.

  For part of the influential special commodities (such as crayons, powder crayons, painting articles, etc.), although the kindergarten, primary school teacher, even if not specified plant, but parents mostly would prefer SAKURACRAYON blossoms crayon company (buy), and thus enjoys time-honored signs in the product. "Buy crayon will choose so-and-so brand company is" the parents itself since childhood to this kind of love with brand generated by the aspiration, this also is in the commodity outside worth an emphasis on the design element. So in the field of product design and few changes. In the children's stationery related industry, such as brand years good image is one of the important link of the manufacturer success.

  General children begins need supplies are mostly by parents preparations, but for children in kindergarten or primary school is a growing in the process of celebration, so from grandparents, relatives, friends and many parents of presents. Present most in cash or coupon way incentives (relatives, friends in the gift average amount to 5,000 10,000 yen). This kind of situation need for the right price and beautiful generous commodities, using the same cartoon characters pencil-box, pencils, rulers, pad, scissors, paste, crayons, powder wariety pen etc dozens of appliance that combination of goods, price around in suit 3000 to 5000 yen between entrance supplies are the most popular. (grandparent mostly presented expensive bags or desk. To avoid gift and others is over, so usually prior to ?

  Using cartoon characters as commodity theme, except the benefits of cartoon itself has the uniqueness of the same series products with outside, centralized ascribed propaganda technique, must become the focus of attention. From stationery to lunch boxes of a series of cartoon characters, not only can let consumer goods once collecting much money products, can also cause consumers not to buy of purposeful franchising. With cartoon theme dc operating the way not only can consolidate market position, to store itself is also propaganda influential. Recently the same cartoon character modelling also popular several different models of product design, so to highlight the theme inside the special zone cartoon characters in the same commodity consistency, many of the goods of series design between needs a closer cooperation shut ?

  Recently the young generation the mother was under the influence of cartoon are exposed, some may also have a collection of cartoon characters commodity hobby. Always feel that their children the most lovable, but prepare cartoon collocation of stationery and opening items for their children. This condition is not from children's education view to imagine, but to satisfy oneself be fond of. This situation fully depending on the parents of children education attentively degree of difference. So regardless of which a viewpoint, collocation of the cartoon characters in the children's stationery market strategy in the fields are still is a unbeaten ace.



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 Finding Interesting Card Tricks For Kids

Published 2011-1-24 11:17:00 - Notebooks

If you are looking to find interest in magic, and are looking for card tricks for beginners, or card tricks for kids you may find that it is difficult to find sources out there other than magic stores near you. You don't even have to go to your local library; you can find magic tricks at home on the internet. Whether you're a professional magician, or your looking to make magic a hobby this is the place for you.

Magic can be used to:
* Impress your friends
* Entertainment
* A money making career
* To meet your soul mate

Magicians are mysterious, they make their spectators think, and sometimes even believe anything is possible again. Many people don't realize that magic is simply sleight of hand and illusion; some people believe that there is really something magical about it. Magic can help you learn to communicate easier, it helps you to get rid of stage fright and become more social.

Are you ready to take a step into the amazing world of magic? Card tricks for beginners are simple, and after progress you can perform them faster and more accurate every time. There are several things you can learn about magic, but here are a few main keys that you should know before performing your first magic tricks. First: Magic is illusion; it is about speed and precision. You need to be able to effectively distract your spectators with one hand while doing something with the other. The better you become with your presentation the easier it will be for you to perform magic tricks without your spectators catching what you do.

Angles are very sensitive. Most magic tricks, especially card tricks have bad angles that can give away the secret. Card tricks for kids are a bit easier to perform, here is a card trick sample for kids, and great for beginner's card tricks a lot of them involve mind games: Example = 6's and 9's. You want to take out all 4 of each card. Preparation: you will then take the 6 of spades, the 6 of diamonds, and the 9 of clubs, and the 9 of hearts and place them on the top of the deck. The trick: First you will place the other cards inside the deck, approach a spectator and find the cards you placed in the middle of the deck. Make sure you are quick about it so they do not realize the suit on the number. Next: You will place the cards back in the deck like you are hiding them, and shuffle the deck a few times keeping the 4 cards on top.



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 Personalized Employee Recognition Gifts Ideas

Published 2011-1-20 16:54:00 - Notebooks

During a company's Employee Recognition Day, deserving employees are acknowledged for their outstanding contribution to the company. Usually, they are given a reward in the form of gifts. Recognition gifts come in wide varieties to choose from. You can find several designs and styles that can match any personality. If you are a considerate boss, one of your best options to give are personalized gifts. Personalized gifts are simple items that are finished with personal touch of design, which can make meaningful mementos for your outstanding employees. Literally, there are dozens of personalized items to choose from. Here are some of the most favorite gifts for your deserving employees:

Personalized Journal

A journal can help your employees record their daily tasks and activities in a well-organized manner. To make it extraordinary, hand them a Personalized Leather Journal which is stunningly sophisticated, designed to match their professional personality. Let them show off their business ability with this gorgeous leather notebook, made personalized with their own initials.

Personalized Photo Holder

Another way to make someone feel special is by giving him or her a photo holder, capturing memorable photos that can make a long lasting remembrance throughout his or her career. Include in your list a Personalized Leather Photo Holder that can give them a professional way of displaying photos of their company's work. Such gift has a distinctive and striking statement, making a true ideal present to acknowledge an employee's well done job.

Personalized Desk Accessories

Actually, there are lots of desk accessories you may opt to give for professionals. However, if you're looking for something intriguing, consider customized business items such as personalized desk accessories. One great option is a Right On Time Personalized Business Card Holder, this is a shiny silver that can make a classic desk accessory, a perfect gift to commemorate employee's achievement. Or perhaps a Personalized Wooden Clock In The Box that can give a creative and innovative way of showing deep appreciation to employees who seem to dedicate their life for their career. You could also wrap other unique and creative personalized item like a Personalized Micro-Pocket Tool, Time Piece Money Clip, Precision Manicure Set, Personalized Cigar Humidor, or even themed shadow boxes. All these personalized items can make a wonderful recognition gift to accentuate your employees' desks.   Children's Stationery


Other personalized options are those that are related to your employees' hobbies, likes, interests and activities. You might think of giving books but not all like it. So, it is an important factor to consider what they want, and not what you want. If your employee has a business trip, a personalized travel bag is perfect. Or, if he or she is into sports, then you want to give a sports-themed gift. Other personalized gift options are plaques and trophies, pen cases, desk clocks, picture frames and other business accessories. Apart from employees, top bosses deserve acknowledgment too. For executive gifts, you may consider an elegant letter opener, crystal desk clock, personalized business card with pen set, cufflinks, marble paper weight and other sophisticated business items.



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 Finding Gifts For The Office Co-Workers On Your List

Published 2011-1-18 22:30:00 - Notebooks

With the winter holidays fast approaching, many of us are starting to think about the gifts that we will soon need to purchase for family, friends, as well as work-related gifts. It is one thing to shop for someone you know well, and even that can be a challenge at times, but it is especially difficult to find an appropriate gift for someone that you might not know as well, such as a co-worker. Although you might consider giving a food gift, many people have food allergies, most especially to nuts, and thus it can be hard to make food gifts work for everyone. Instead, you might find it better to purchase gifts in bulk that will be suitable for everyone on your list. Fancy leather pads for use on the desk, as well as a leather notebook or pad are perfect gifts that everyone will find useful and beautiful.

Men and women both will appreciate a leather desk pad that they can use at work or at home. Leather pads are used to protect the surface of your desk from scratches and gouges that can easily occur as you work at the desk. In addition, a leather desk pad will also give you a place to put a large desk calendar if your leather desk pad is of the leather pad holder variety. The leather pads are also just beautiful to look at, and will dress up the open expanse of your desk quickly and easily.

A standard size for leather pads will run around eighteen inches by twenty-seven inches. You can find a leather pad holder that is in solid black leather, or you can select leather pads that have a black base, with the holder arms in a contrasting leather color, such as an antique-looking brown leather.

Leather pads make a lovely luxury gift, but if you are looking for some affordable alternatives, you might select a leather notepad or leather notebook. The notebook is a bound book with a leather cover, which is perfect for a diary or for any sort of notations. A leather notepad allows you to switch out the notepad when it is empty, making it a gift you can reuse for many years of service and style.

You could add fine writing accessories to go with these wonderful gifts. You might select a gorgeous fountain pen, ballpoint or rollerball pen from a quality pen manufacturer, which is a gift that everyone can use. Giving an attractive business card case will also be appreciated as a thoughtful gift that is sure to please. All of these gift items can be found at quality online fine writing instrument dealers.



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  Designing Tips for Office Stationery

Published 2011-1-12 21:53:00 - Notebooks

Office stationery is one of important things you have to consider in your business. With good-looking stationery, the letter you sent to your business partner will be very impressive. It can help you get good impression as well. In addition, you can send letter with professional look to your clients, vendors, and media so that they will not toss it as junk.

You can design your own office stationery indeed. You only need computer, paper, word processing software, printer, and envelopes. Just follow these steps and make your own office stationery.

Before designing, you have to consider the image of your corporate, whether it is elegant, serious, bold, or lighthearted. The design should go along with this image. Make the envelopes, postcards, business card, mailers, and brochures go along with the theme of your company.

Determine the letterhead volume you are going to use. If you communicate with your clients mostly by email or phone, you will not need a lot of letterhead on your hand. For this case, you only need to design a template for your letterhead design. You simply print it by the time you need it. On the other hand, if you need to make a lot of correspondence, you will need a high quality printer which supports printing at larger quantity. In addition, you need to choose the right paper, font, and color scheme to make it more attractive.

Decide whether you need stationery with incorporate graphics or straight text. You have no skill in graphic design, you can hire for graphic artist. It can help you design professional stationery. You can also add photograph. Choose one with high-quality shot.

Choose the right paper color for your letterhead. Colors with the most professional look include cream, white, light grey, pale green, pale blue, and ecru. These modest backgrounds will make the content of your letter easier to read. In addition, it will not clash with any graphics, borders, or photographs which you incorporate in the design. The appropriate letter weight for your letterhead is 20 lbs. It will slide smoothly to the printer.

While designing the letterhead, you have to make sure that you have included the crucial things such as the name of your company, address, phone number, email number, and fax number. If you have your own company website, you can include it as well. Additionally, you also have to include the slogan of your company if it has any.

Make an experiment about the front and the color of your text. Choose for the best one. Then, you simply need to save your design. Save it as word template if you want to print it as you need. On the other hand, save it in a Word document if you want to print it for reproduction.





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 10 Essential Office Stationery Supplies You Need

Published 2011-1-11 17:58:00 - Notebooks

If you want to make sure that your workplace runs efficiently, and that people can keep doing their jobs properly, then you'll need to make sure that you have the right office supplies and stationery products.

Here's what you need.

1. You'll want to make sure that you have plenty of paper. Whether it's for the printer, flip charts, for taking telephone messages, or for sending out proposals or invoices, you can't work properly without the right paper products.

2. Notepads are essential too. You might need them for taking notes in meetings or conferences, for taking down customer orders, or for making to do lists. With a choice of reporter's notepads, or larger desktop pads, you'll be able to make sure that you and your colleagues can write down all you need to.

3. You might think that diaries are outdated now, having been superseded by mobile phone, and computer diaries, but if you arrange a lot of meetings, or have a tight schedule, you'll want to make sure that you have a paper copy of your diary as well as electronic copies.

4. There can never be too many pens in the workplace, and whether you need highlighters, marker pens, or ball pens for everyday writing tasks. Don't forget that you might want a classy fountain pen for signing contracts, or for impressing potential clients. You won't want to look unprofessional by signing important documents with a leaky biro.

5. Sticky notes are the foundation of the modern workplace, and are used by millions of people worldwide everyday. From taking down telephone numbers, writing reminders, leaving messages for colleagues to using bookmarks in documents or folders, you'll find hundreds of uses for sticky notes.

6. The humble stapler is another must have. If you print out documents, whether for internal use, or for clients, then you'll want to keep the pages together. With a range of different staplers available, you'll be able to find the size of stapler that's right for keeping your papers together.

7. Files and folders are needed to keep your papers and other documents organised. You might be looking for new ring binders, or floating files for your filing cabinet, or just want plastic wallets to protect documents from getting creased or damaged.

8. Envelopes will be needed if you intend to send out documents to clients, or products to customers. You'll want a combination of window envelopes for formal letters, and perhaps strong padded envelopes so you can send out purchases without fear of them getting damaged.

9. Adhesives might not be used as often as a stapler. But if you need to stick things together then you'll want to be able to do it properly. You might be looking for sticky tape, glue, or coloured sticky tack to stick for your workplace.

10. A shredder is also essential in the modern office, so that you can safely dispose of confident documents, and customer details that you no longer require. With some shredders able to destroy credit cards and CDs and DVDs, if you've got something you don't want others getting hold of, you can safely shred it.






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 A Guide To Buying Your Office Stationery Online

Published 2011-1-9 18:07:00 - Notebooks

A great way to purchase your office stationery is online, where you will find some very good established stationery businesses offering everything you need in office stationery at the lowest prices. Many offer low priced delivery options and some offer free delivery when you spend over a certain amount.

Shopping online gives you more options for your stationery and allows you to buy in the quantities to suit your budget and needs. Here is a guide to getting the most out of buying your office stationery online.

Established Company

Make sure that the company you chose is an established one that has been operating for a while, this way you know if you have any problems or require any advice they will be able to use their experience to help you.

Delivery Options

If you need your stationery quickly then you will want to use a company that offers a quick dispatch such as 1-2 working days or next day delivery. Some may charge more for this option but you need to make sure that it is offered before processing your order.

Available Brands

Make sure that the website you chose carries the brands you need. If you have always used a certain brand for your pens and paper then make sure you stick with that brand and are not attracted by a cheaper alternative. If they do not offer the brands you require why not contact them and ask if these items can be delivered, as many retailers will be able to accommodate this.

Value For Money

This may sound like an obvious one but make sure that the prices offered are the best available and that the service offers good value to your business. There are many online retailers of stationery and although some may be a penny or two more than others you may find that the delivery is free, saving you money in the long run.


If you have a large office and require large quantities of stationery make sure that the retailer can accommodate this. Many online retailers do not carry large quantities of stock so make sure that your order can be fulfilled, especially if you want to place another order the following week or month.

Good Range of Contact Options

When buying online you need to know that if you require any advice or have a problem with a product that there is good customer service on offer. An email address or contact form is not enough; you will also need a telephone number so that you have a quick point of contact.

Buying your stationery online benefits you in many ways, it reduces the time it takes placing an order, you have lots of choice and you know that you are getting the best deal. Just take into consideration the above guidelines and you will find buying your stationery online an enjoyable experience.





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 Promote an Office Stationery Business Using Articles

Published 2011-1-4 17:55:00 - Notebooks

One of the most lucrative markets to get into is the office stationery supplies industry. Once you are able to get a customer, there is always the possibility of a repeat sale. All businesses have a need to replenish all stationery supplies in their offices.

So there's no question that you are losing significant amounts of money if you're not using the internet to market your office stationery business. Here is how you can get new customers to your businesses using article marketing.

1. Write your articles about the latest products.
2. Write your articles about products that are environmentally friendly.

1. Write your articles about the latest products.

The last time I received a catalogue of products from a office stationery supplier, I was somewhat surprised to see the large amount of internet products, such as laser pointers, thumb drivers, portable hard drives etc. If your company supplies these products, then write some articles about them. Talk about how these products can help people in their businesses. For example, a thumb drive can be used to transfer data from one system to another if there is no network available at the company. Having a few of these small drives around the office is an excellent idea.

2. Write your articles about products that are environmentally friendly.

Does your company carry paper products? Hopefully, these products supplied by your company are recyclable. Many people are becoming more conscious of their environment. So it can be a big plus for you if you let your customers know that you are strong advocate of going green.





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 Seven Useful Home and Office Stationery Items

Published 2011-1-3 23:37:00 - Notebooks

Many popular office products can be used in the home and vice versa. Here are seven office stationery items that are useful no matter where you are.

1. One of the most popular stationery items that is useful at home and the office is Sellotape. The clear sticky tape can be used for wrapping Christmas presents and parcels, repairing cheques and sticking up notices.

2. Another multi-use stationery item is A4 paper. Even if you don't work from home, chances are you'll still have a computer and printer that will require A4 paper.

3. Staplers are also useful at home and at work, whether you need to secure business papers or memos or simply keep your important insurance documents together.

4. We all send letters or correspondence from time to time, so having a supply of different types of envelopes will be useful in either location.

5. The vast majority of us now have computers in the home, while many of us work with them in the office. Office cleaning products, like screen wipes are great for ensuring your monitor remains free of dust and smudges.

6. If you have a computer at home, you may also have a printer to go with it. Whether it's printing off school work, holiday details or insurance quotes, having enough ink will be vital, so it's a good idea to have a healthy supply of inkjet cartridges.

7. We all have important documents that need to be stored securely, which is why security safes can be a useful addition at home or at work.





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