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 Notebook and My Book Review

Published 2011-3-29 19:39:00 - Notebooks

Normally, I do not write book reviews on works of fiction. But, this book is a well-written book that elevated the writing career of Nicholas Sparks to the next stratosphere. The book, "The Notebook", is one of those books that can translates well into the movies. Surprisingly, it took almost a decade before this book became a movie.

Nicholas Sparks next few books- "Message in a Bottle" and "A Walk to Remember" became hit movies. Together with the movie, "A Walk to Remember", this book and movie, "The Notebook", are the best works of Nicholas Sparks. The book version of "The Notebook" is a better book than the book version of "A Walk To Remember".

As far as the writing style of "The Notebook", it is written as a well-versed and well-written work of art. Just as an alliteration brings flow to words, his style in this book brings flow to the story. It was one of his first written works. It is his biggest selling and most popular work.

The story is fictional but there is some truth that is drawn from Nicholas Spark's own life. There is plenty of familiar truths in this particular work- a long-drawn love affair, loyalty between spouses despite sickness, diverse backgrounds drawn together by love, pain and suffering from lost love, triumph in finding your lost love, and a love that spans many years and generations.

There are two stories in "The Notebook". One is the young and innocent love between differing individuals and another is mature (older) and tested love between similar individuals. The interesting aspect of these two love stories is that they are about the same couple but in different eras. The later love that demonstrates patience and loyalty is more appealing. There is excitement that goes with younger love, but there is stability and heart with mature love. It also tests the marriage vows of "... in sickness and in health". Even when his wife has severe case of Alzheimer, he remains devoted to her until the end. This is what the book, "The Notebook", brings to its audience. It appeals to a diverse group of people. The common denominator is the love between a younger/older man and a younger/older woman.

"The Notebook" is not just for entertainment purposes but many schools actually use this book as one of their books to be read in English class. It is one of the few modern books that even has Cliff Notes. This is also one of the pieces of art that is good (or even great) both as a book and a movie.


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 Image of Company:Cool Stationery

Published 2011-3-28 18:50:00 - Notebooks

Corporate stationery is essential to the image of any company. Corporate stationery is the tool that defines and unifies a company as they use these to communicate internally and externally. Stationery contributes and strengthens the identity and unity of any company or corporation since it bears the company logo, seal, colors and motto. Below are examples of the types of corporate stationery used in business communication.

Business cards-Business cards serve as any company's vehicle for first impressions. First impressions should always have a positive impact as the impression will always be remembered. It also has a potential effect on the context of future business relations and transactions. Business cards are easy to produce through online printing services. Online printers can use offset printers to produce business cards in bulk orders. Online printers also print on the front and back faces of business cards in full color. Standard or custom business card print sizes start at 2x2 to 4x4 inches.

Letterheads and envelopes-Formal contracts, memos, and documentation are printed on corporate stationery. Company seals and logos on letterheads and envelopes officiate and formalize these documents. Online printers also print letterheads and envelopes in bulk orders. Standard sizes of letterheads can be specified starting at 5.5 x 8.5, 8.5x11, 8.5x14, 11x17 inches and A4 sizes. Online printers print envelopes at standard sizes including A2, A6, A7, #10, 6X9 and 9.5x12.5 inches.

Notebook catalogs-Apart from letterheads and memo pads, large corporations also provide its employees with corporate notebook catalogs. Each blank page of the notebook bears the color, seal or logo of the company. These are provided for employees for notation needs outside and inside the office. Online printers offer catalog printing with designs that can be uploaded by customers. Standard sizes of 5.5x8.5, 8.5x11, or 12x12 inches can be specified. Customers can also choose between saddle-stitched or wire-o binding.

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 Start a Business Online - What's You Need

Published 2011-3-23 18:15:00 - Notebooks

You may start out with the intentions of doing simple keyword research and end up at your favorite chocolate shoppe...that's the way things go on the net.

But because you're now learning how to start a small business online, you're not going to fall into those kinds of traps. You are going to be very deliberate about doing what needs to be done first and then allow yourself to do your 'fun' research only when the required stuff is done.

As far as the mechanics of learning how to start a small business online, I would first and foremost set aside several days...that's right...days and head directly to Google. Get a hard covered notebook (because it will 'feel' important) and just start entering related keyword searches such as "how to start a small business online" and "starting a small business online" etc.

Use the plural form of ALL words and think of as many different variations of what you're looking for as you can. Then go to Overture.com and enter in your phrases there.

Fill that hard bound notebook up. I'm serious. All of this learning is FREE! Now it's up to you to do it. Because once you learn exactly how to start a small business online, and get good at it, you will never look back. Except into that notebook!



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 Spiral Notebook Favors - To Baby Shower

Published 2011-3-22 19:42:00 - Notebooks

It is so nice to receive these handy favors, especially if they are presented in a decorative way. You can purchase personalized sticky spiral notebook or make your own by creating a cover. A cover very simple to make, just gather the following materials: heavy card stock or paper, a square sticky note pad 3" x 3", stickers or embellishments. Here are the steps:

Take your sticky note pad and divide it in half, so each guest gets ? of a pad. You can purchase pads in many pastel colors including pink and blue.
Measure and cut your card stock for a size of 3 ? by 7 inches. This will serve as your decorative cover. I like to use a piece of cheap copy paper to test the measurements instead of wasting any of the card stock.
Create a ?" spine about three inches down the length of the paper. This means that you would make two folds, allowing a space for the thickness of the pad.
Glue the pad to one side of the card stock holder. Fold the cover over the notepad.
Decorate the cover with stickers, emblems or cute paper designs. You will want to be sure that the decorations go well with the color and pattern of the card stock cover.



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 Get The Most Out Of A Spiral Notebook

Published 2011-3-8 17:45:00 - Notebooks

Start each day with a new page. Draw a horizontal line through the middle of the page. At the top of the page write the date and day. You can use the top half as a to-do list and the bottom half for your notes and other information. Remember, you can use any many pages as you like for each day. Just start every new day with a new page.

Carry your notebooks with you... almost everywhere. Meetings, catch-ups with colleagues or your manager. It's something that comes in very handy when your mobile rings and you need to write down some information from a customer.

Finally, don't begin using a new spiral notebook until you have completed the first. It's a good idea to write the start and finish date of the book on the front cover - that way, when you are searching for information

Keeping an A4 or the smaller Quarto size spiral notebook with you at all times gives you a central repository for your information. By keeping it open on your desk and using it as a day book, you can keep all of your To-Do lists, meeting notes, requests, ideas and thoughts in one place. Your spiral notebook is something you can easily refer back to when you need to access the information.




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 Personal Stationery Set-How Importance

Published 2011-3-7 18:16:00 - Notebooks

These customized invitations will not come as cheap as store-bought stationery - it's rare that anything handmade is as cheap as its mass-produced equivalent - but the cost is relatively small considering the degree of skill that goes into creating each piece of work and the high quality results. By offering each guest something so well-crafted, I have been able to ensure that each person feels special and wanted at each event. The price can seem high at first, but it is completely justified - it is really a small expense compared to the value of the sort of lasting memories which can only be achieved with friends and loved ones around.

Life is full of memorable events - birthdays, weddings, graduations, and a million others - and those events are better with the right people in attendance. While I can't dispute the convenience of being able to call or e-mail somebody an invitation, those options sometimes seem a little too easy. For special occasions, the right sort of correspondence is necessary to ensure that potential guests feel welcomed in advance. To really make each guest understand that his or her presence really is desired, I have found that a customized stationery set is a great investment.

The ability to convince people to attend an event often lies with convincing them of the extent to which their presence is desired. A casual invitation can be easily disregarded or forgotten, but something nicer probably would not be. I have found that the care and artistry which a letterpress printer like Stationery Set can put into customized invitations is well worth the time and money, and is one of the surest ways of convincing friends and loved ones that I really do value their presence at whatever event I am inviting them to attend.



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