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 Notebook Printing:Useful and Inexpensive

Published 2011-4-25 20:17:00 - Notebooks

Notebooks are cheap and they can be easily designed and printed. There are lots of printing companies that offer inexpensive Notebook printing services. Moreover, they do not only print Notebooks but also design them for you.On the other hand, if you find it too costly to resort to hiring a professional printing company. Then, you can actually design and print at the very comfort of your office. You just need to have a computer and a good quality printer. Nevertheless, it is still strongly suggested that you resort to professional printers so that you can have a hassle-free Notebook printing endeavor.If you are really serious in composing your own design for your Notebook, you can easily do the watermarks and letterheads. You just need to have a suitable computer application. There are software programs and tutorials available online which can help you in making your own designs. One advantage of doing your own design is saving money from hiring a graphic artist to do the task.

As mentioned earlier, Notebooks are very useful not only as stationeries but also as marketing tools. When you provide your customers with Notebooks as giveaways or souvenirs, they will definitely keep it because of its utility. Also, they will take time reading the important information about your company printed on your Notebook every time they write something on it.Finally, Notebooks are effective office materials since you can rely on them with the daily operations of your company. You can write your reminders there. Also, you can use it for company affairs such as corporate meetings and seminars. You will create a very professional atmosphere in your office when you use a material that contains the logo and symbol of your company.

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 Making Notebooks and Functional Dimensions

Published 2011-4-24 18:09:00 - Notebooks

First, you must remember to keep your Notebooks within functional dimension standards. You don't want your Notebooks to get too small that it hardly counts as a Notebook, and you also don't want it to be too big that it just wastes paper for your notes. Many marketing Notebooks really fail in using functional dimensions since the designers only take into account how to display the marketing message and not the space for notes. So try to prevent this from happening in your own Notebooks. Choose the appropriate dimension of Notebooks that can carry your message but still be large enough for a normal Notebook.

A lot of designers these days are getting carried away with their Notebook shapes. The early designs were still great. Like the heart shaped Notebooks, or even the circular and square type Notebooks. However, other so called innovative designers have taken Notebook shapes to a ridiculous level, making octopus shaped Notebooks or other oddly shaped ones. While this may be cute on some level, this may also be detrimental to a Notebook's usefulness. That is why as much as possible you should aim for shapes that have a great and wide area to write on. Oddly shaped Notebooks where you can not write in a straight sentence are hardly useful and should not really be done in the first place.Another thing to note to make your Notebooks useful is the binding of the Notebook. Most Notebooks these days are tear away Notebooks with adhesives on top of them. These adhesives should be easy enough to damage so that you can tear off Notebooks one by one, but they should also be strong enough to hold on together. If it is not strong enough, your Notebook will undoubtedly break apart before it has a chance to be useful. This makes it pertinent to print Notebooks with good binding adhesives to make their lives and their usefulness longer.

Another important point to consider to make your Notebooks really useful is your watermark design. While watermarks are indeed good to fill in empty space in your Notebooks, a very vibrant and large design can really be detrimental to a Notebook's usefulness. You may be able to write on a Notebook with vibrant watermarks, but it might be hard to understand what you wrote. To avoid this, it is usually best to just be minimalist with your watermark design. It must be really light and really subtle. This perseveres the usefulness of the Notebook with the illusion of space, while it still fill sin that space with a subtle design.

Source: Hardcover Notebook,   Children's Stationery

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 Baby Shower and Notebook

Published 2011-4-18 18:25:00 - Notebooks

Take your sticky note pad and divide it in half, so each guest gets ½ of a pad. You can purchase pads in many pastel colors including pink and blue. Measure and cut your card stock for a size of 3 ½ by 7 inches. This will serve as your decorative cover. I like to use a piece of cheap copy paper to test the measurements instead of wasting any of the card stock. Create a ¼" spine about three inches down the length of the paper. This means that you would make two folds, allowing a space for the thickness of the pad. Glue the pad to one side of the card stock holder. Fold the cover over the Notebook. Decorate the cover with stickers, emblems or cute paper designs. You will want to be sure that the decorations go well with the color and pattern of the card stock cover.

They are one of the most useful types of Notebooks as they can be placed in a purse or on top of a desk or table. There are so many options for either purchasing or making favors using them. Start with a small spiral notebook which can be found at office supply, Target or dollar stores. You might also be able to find them in bulk at a warehouse store like Sam's or Costco.Before purchasing the notebooks determine the type of cover you need, based on the theme of the baby shower you are hosting. For example if you are having a jungle theme shower, select notebooks with green, brown or animal print covers. Pastel pink covers would be ideal for a baby girl shower.Decorate the Notebooks with embellishments that can easily be found at a scrapbook store. You can find everything from flowers, puffy rattles, and colored rhinestones, to plastic baby blocks.

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 Cheap Notebook Printing & Business Survival

Published 2011-4-17 18:20:00 - Notebooks

It is getting harder and harder these days to find the budget for printing promotional materials. Most companies are trying to cut their expenses and tighten up so that they can be more competitive. If you are one of these companies, you may want to consider holding on to your budget for corporate Notebook printing. Notebooks offer a considerable advantage over other promotional materials since they can also be useful for company operations as well. Add to this the various cheap Notebook printing services out there and you have a useful and promotional tool that can help your business that you should hold on to, to help you survive in these trying times.Inexpensive and easy to print: As was stated above, there are a lot of places for cheap Notebook printing. Notebooks are pretty inexpensive to print and the designs are easy enough to compose. Most

Notebooks can be printed in normal and inexpensive paper without suffering from any loses in your corporate image. Also, with a lot of online Notebook printing services out there, most of them offer competitive prices, which keep most printing quotations down to a manageable level.Also, in terms of design, Notebooks really just need letterheads and watermarks. Almost anyone can do a design for these color Notebooks, and all that it requires is some rudimentary understanding of common software applications. This can further save a company's money since you won't need to hire a professional graphic artist to do the job.

You can create a Notebook printing design yourself at the office or even at home.The subtle marketing tool: Also, besides being easy to design and print, Notebooks offer companies the ability to advertise or market their corporate image. By giving away small Notebooks to customers you are virtually distributing a marketing tool with your corporate message inside it. People can use your Notebooks for their own personal activities, but they will also be unconsciously exposed to your advertising message. They can read about your services and your contact number as they write on your Notebook. When the opportune moment arises, they may latch on to your advertising message and do business with you.

The strategy is simple, but as long as your potential customers keep using your Notebooks, you will have an increased chance of being contacted for a business opportunity. Basically, think of your Notebook as a business card, flier and brochure all rolled into one cheap package.Useful office material: Lastly, to state the obvious, corporate Notebooks can be of great use to your staff as office material. They can write reminders in your color Notebook, or they can even print official notices and documents with them. The logo and name of your company should make those printed materials look better and more official looking gaining you a better image internally with your staff. It gives your company a certain dignity even though you might be in dire straits right now.So, if you combine a Notebook's usefulness, with its marketing potential, you basically have a two in one deal when you invest in Notebook printing. You get the useful factor of pad printing for notes and documents, while still being able to promote your company with the same printed material. It is a nice setup that can help you survive in business until the recovery. So consider printing Notebooks now. You will not regret it.

Source:  Soft Cover Notebook,   Children's Stationery

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 Notebook:Choosing stationery carefully

Published 2011-4-11 22:05:00 - Notebooks

Make sure you get the best representation of your business - whether it's printed on paper or cardboard. People are going to be seeing and using something that will represent you.Represent yourself the proven way with affordable and stylish office stationery, sticky notes and note pads.Promotional Products is a business dedicated to getting your company name and logo onto as many different varieties of product as possible. The more products that have your company name and logo on them, the more exposure your business gets. Promotional Products is about advertising through merchandise exposure.

Promotional stationery has been a popular way to promote businesses for a long time now. Promotional stationery is often dispensable so people don't mind having a product name and/or logo on a product that they can throw away after a couple of months. Don't underestimate 'throwaway' value. The less expensive, less permanent products become monthly permanent additions to any office space.Of course, we all know how many pens come across our desk with business names and logos on them.

Pens have become the staple of the basic promotional expenditure - an easy, affordable way to get your name and logo out there. Pens are very useful and very popular, and that is a great recipe for a business that wishes to promote using products.More recently, promotional providers have graduated to outfitting businesses with varying lines of paper stationery.

One of the best reasons to go with paper based stationery as a promotional product is the popularity of paper in offices. We want to conserve it and we want to use it. Paper products make the world go round.Printed Notebooks have the advantage of giving you a reasonable sized canvassed to put your logo and business details - the front of the Notebook. Of course, your business name and logo can be printed on paper and a lot of the promotional Notebooks sold these days have your company's details generously and neatly printed on each page. That's page after page of your business name and logo being used in offices every day. Talk about promotion.

Source:  PP Cover NotebookChildren's Stationery

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 Recycled Paper & Stationery

Published 2011-4-10 19:28:00 - Notebooks

Recycled paper is no longer a grey and rather course product, only suitable for kitchen towel and packaging products. Today's new processes can produce a rather more superior and altogether smarter paper that takes modern water soluble inks with ease and colour strength. It can now become a pleasure to write on whether using fountain pen or pencil, and makes you feel a whole lot better about not felling another tree. After all our planet can no longer sustain the constant drain on resource's that are currently being used in our production of our everyday consumer need.

What we now find available is a whole new and quite delightful range of of paper products carefully produced with the paper lover in mind, and lets face us stationery fanatics, are always looking out for a new design or something of interest, to support there happy hobby of loving tactile and fine products to feed their paper passion. Personally it is not a question of needing another notebook or pen, but it gives me "child in a sweet shop" glow when I get to handle a new and exciting product, but if I find something unusual or new on the market place, I often feel a sense of excitement and a desire to share it with like minded stationery lover. Do you often wonder when the recycling bin is carted way, how do they separate the paper from the plastic, the tins from the glass and how come they take milk cartons and not yoghurt pots.

The cynic in some of us might think it all goes into land fill, but makes the councils look good for going through the motions of collecting our weekly waste. But I am not so sure about that, I do know that quite a lot goes abroad to be broken down into a usable product to be manufactured into a shiny new item. But there has to be some changes to the way we package our goods, manufactures and supermarkets take more responsibility for getting our goods to us with the minimum of impact on the environment. Why do mushrooms need to come in plastic cartons for instants, recycled cardboard would work just fine and has the benefit of being compost able to boot. I could rattle on about this for a very long time, but the good progress we are making as a nation in the recycling area cannot go unnoticed, yet we can hopefully continue to support the products made from recycled materials, in sure knowledge that the quality is improving and the paper lovers out there will share new products with like minded enthusiasts to spread the word.

Source:  PP Cover Notebook,   Children's Stationery

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 What Kind of Notebook Should You Needs

Published 2011-4-6 18:03:00 - Notebooks

How to use the book splendidly fine?Extract a number of famous (you like), magazine letter to the newspaper to see what fun place or a place to eat it written down (since you can go to eat, drink), a good book to see what words to quickly record ( might be used when writing the article), anyway you can remember everything you like, and occasionally turned to look very interesting.

Do you picture yourself sitting under a tree on a beautiful day, laying across soft green grass with a fountain pen in hand writing to the sounds of birds in a beautiful leather journal? Then go ahead and do it! There is a great selection of leather journals out there that are perfect for anybody. If you travel a lot, these are also great because they can stand up to it. The leather cover should do fine standing up to being tossed and kicked around.

If you haven't heard of moleskine notebooks, you should look into it. They are great notebooks that can stand up to a lot for a very affordable price. They come in many shapes and sizes and you can even get either a lined notebook or a sketchbook. The have durable covers and perfect binding that will stay open while you're writing. They are very popular and worth a try.

Are you simple and money conscious? Then buy a simple notebook. Nobody said you have to buy a big fancy, leather journal in order to be a 'real' journal writer. You can buy a simple spiral-bound notebook for 25 cents and it would still be just as much of a journal. This is great for those who want to start journaling but live on a budget. There's no reason why a nice marble composition notebook won't work great for you. If you want to go a little fancier, but stay cheap, buy a nice 1 subject 5 star notebook.

Did you have a diary when you were young? Maybe it was pink with fairies and hearts. Or maybe you just remember those many little journals with the cheap locks that all had the same key. If you have one left, use it to write in. It might bring back memories for you.

In addition to these, there are hundreds of different types of notebooks you can write in. Just because you're cheap, doesn't mean you need a marble notebook, and just because you travel a lot, doesn't mean you need a leather journal. These are just some basic guidelines if you aren't sure what to get. In staying with the spirit of journaling being about you and your own personality, use what you love. If you must, go to the store and stare at all the notebooks. Choose whichever one is calling you, or mimic how you will write in one and see if it feels write.

Source: Leather Notebook, Kids Stationery, Children's Stationery

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 Sophisticated Gifts For Business:Leather Notebooks

Published 2011-4-5 18:28:00 - Notebooks

Interpretation of the book, the format is not too large, but the mini was not too good, preferably with his own hands about the width can be very handy in their own hands in this kind of shorthand. No need to book too long, too thick, or when interpretation is not convenient in my hand; the best in the white sheet of paper, not to have criss-cross lattice, do not have any fancy designs, it will easily practice in their own interpretation when upset, interference pattern and deploy their own notes, and sometimes because those patterns and unknowingly transferred their attention, and that the negative impact on the interpretation may become significant. There to do the best interpretation of the book there is a cardboard substrate, so take notes in my hand until the time to write smoothly, naturally, in their favor to make notes easily and smoothly. This type of book about 3 to 5 dollars, 10 dollars or so better, the landlord may wish to go to a nearby stationery shop to see.

A turquoise leather note-book with twig: This beautiful leather notebook is a leather cord bound notebook. Its cover is made from a soft turquoise deer skin and handmade paper cover sheets.The interior pages are simple white and the back cover is made up of wood. To give it a more stylish look, it has a twig that is bound into a spine that is highlighted with metal engine parts. In order to create swirl patterns, there is a thermostat coil from a dump truck that has been branded into a leather cover. Apart from this, you can avail this leather note- book in other colours too. Presenting this gift to your clients will surely make an impression on them.

Quitted leather notebook: This is another type of note book that can be presented as a gift to your employees, clients as well as colleagues. It has a genuine quitted leather cover which gives it a great look. What makes this product more impressive and a must to gift is, its 240 premium narrow- ruled pages with gilded edges. This notebook comes with a ribbon page maker, which lets you mark your pages. Besides this, it also has a storage pocket inside that can carry your other important documents. You can either choose to gift a black quitted leather note book or a brown. Besides the above options you can also opt for a soft leather notebook, which is again a very stylish and impressive gift. Presenting your colleagues or clients with such gifts will surely make them delighted and you will easily be able to create an impression on them.

Source: Leather NotebookStationery

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