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 Vehicle sticker fee could help Park Ridge community groups

Published 2010-11-30 18:52:00 - Stickers

Park Ridge wants to offer its residents a novel option for funding community arts groups whose municipal support fell victim to austere fiscal times.
The city is proposing some sort of recognition for those willing to chip in a little extra when buying a vehicle sticker.
What form that recognition might take remains to be seen.
City Manager James Hock had s......

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 Discover issues mobile device stickers

Published 2010-11-30 0:37:00 - Stickers

Swiping your plastic is becoming a thing of the past.
Riverwoods-based credit card company Discover said it began issuing Discover Zip contactless credit cards and stickers .
The way it works, consumers touch a payment device, which is in the form of either a plastic card or a  comments (0)