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 Letter Writing in Tough Economic Times: Staying in Touch while Staying Home

Published 2010-3-30 21:48:00 - Personalized Stationery

With gas and airplane costs soaring higher than ever before, it's not feasible for most families to visit loved ones as frequently as they would like. Even if you can't travel to see your favorite family and friends, you definitely don't have to lose touch. If you sit down and take the time to write letters as a family, we guarantee that your loved ones will not be disappointed. Nine out of ten Chinese say they look forward to receiving personal letters and greeting cards on special occasions, so imagine the joy they will feel upon receiving a random note of love for no reason in particular. With any luck, your friends will respond via traditional mail and you will have rekindled a whole "new" tradition of communication and love. Even if distance, finances and other factors keep you and your loved ones apart, you will remain close in spirit.

Do you usually look forward to spending Thanksgiving with Grandma, but the prospect of getting across the country to see her would mean breaking the bank this year? Instead of reserving plane flights, "reserve" a night for family time instead. Set out plenty of colorful stationery, pens and pictures from the past year. Each member of the family can write a personal note to grandma in which they share stories and exciting news they would normally share in person. By including recent photos, mementos, and memories, you'll be creating a packet full of love for Grandma to open on Thanksgiving day, even though you won't be there to share it with her in person. Receiving such a beautiful gift will be sure to make her day, and you just might be surprised to find what a sentimental and memorable experience writing letters as a family can be.

Take this idea one step further by getting each family member his or her own set of personal stationery, or by sending the recipient personalized stationery, encouraging him or her to write back.

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