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 Personalized Stationery Suggestions for Friendly Letters

Published 2010-3-30 22:25:00 - Stationery Set

Always be prepared with a stash of stationery with which to send friendly letters whenever the occasion arises! The birth of a child, an anniversary, graduation and a birthday are only a few of the holidays that would be brightened by a hand-written note from a friend.

Black and white stationery will always be in style. Choosing the optional envelope lining of black acanthus leaves takes this classic stationery combination from basic to bold.

Hand bordered correspondence cards in the color of your choice are a timeless stationery option. Chinese Stationery has a wide variety of colors to fit any personality or personal style. Choose your favorite from Navy Blue, Wine, Espresso, Sage, Yellow, Hunter Green, Tangerine, Black, Silver or Gold.

If bordered is too boring for your personality, design your own embossed stationery to create a note card set that is undeniably you! Our huge selection of typestyles, monograms, and design embellishments help you create your one-of-a-kind stationery set.

If you are looking for a fast, easy solution to all your stationery needs, you could try out our ensembles. Our custom stationery sets come with a variety of pieces, including letter sheets, cards, fold notes and even labels, making your stash of stationery all-inclusive with just one purchase. For those who have a love for gardening, our Purple Rose Ensemble is perfect for your passion. If your green thumb has a more contemporary flair, you might opt for a modern floral ensemble.

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