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 Importance of Business Stationery Part (1)

Published 2010-3-31 19:48:00 - Office Stationery

When you are doing business, image is a vital part of your success. Whether you are a small, home-based business with just yourself as an employee or a huge multi-national company with thousands of workers, your business image is a key part of your ability to connect with clients and associates. These days, the popular term for it is ‘branding’. In the old days, business consultants called it what it is — building an image. Any business consultant will tell you that one of the vitally important tools in branding is your business stationery.

Business stationery is more than just your letterhead, though your company’s official letterhead stationery is certainly important. The term stationery encompasses every bit of paper that your company uses in communicating with its customers and associates. That means letterhead, envelopes, invoices, shipping labels, calling cards, calendars and presentation folders — to name just a few. In order to make the best impression on prospective customers and business contacts, you need to first define your brand — and then make sure that every single piece of communication that leaves your office carries through on the theme. Coordinated office stationery and business stationery make it easy to keep your brand consistent across a wide range of communication and correspondence products.

Why Business Stationery is so important

Imagine that you are interviewing salespeople to handle a million dollar manufacturing contract for your company. You are handed two business cards from two different sales representatives. The first is lightweight and bends easily, has the company logo printed on a plain background and the sales rep’s name is written on a line below the company name. The other card is heavy card stock with a smooth finish, the printing is raised and glossy, and the sales rep’s name is engraved in a font that coordinates with the company logo. Which company would you rather do business with?

Communication on your business stationery is often the first impression that you and your company make on a new business contact. Whether you send a letter of introduction, drop off a business card or include an invoice with a shipped order, the paper on which that message is printed carry a subtle, but very potent message about your business. Choosing business stationery that presents your company positively with the image that you want to project sets up an expectation in the minds of your business contacts. 

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