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 Importance of Business Stationery Part (2)

Published 2010-3-31 19:55:00 - Office Stationery

What you want your Business Stationery to say

Of course, the message you want to send will vary depending on your company, but there are some constants that you want to convey. No matter what your business is, you want your business stationery to deliver the message that "we have really got it together and can get the job done." Coordinated business stationery delivers that message unequivocally. When everything from your business cards to your letter stationery to your invoices includes the same design elements, you subtly establish your company as truly professional.

Branding is more than a logo

There is more to a coordinated appearance than just putting your logo on everything. Every design element of every piece of stationery should coordinate to present a polished image that is unmistakably your own. Every time a customer or contact sees a piece of paper from your office, they should immediately recognize that it came from your office. That is what branding is all about — creating an impression and then making certain that every time your company is seen, it fits that image.

That means that all of your stationery, from business cards to invoices to executive correspondence cards carries common design elements. You should keep colors, fonts, sizes and typefaces consistent across all of your business papers.

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