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 Importance of Business Stationery Part (3)

Published 2010-3-31 19:57:00 - Office Stationery

What your Business Stationery should include

One of the best ways to ensure that your business image is consistent across your entire suite of office stationery and business stationery is to order it all from the same source. When you source all of your custom business stationery from one supplier, you can be certain of the quality and the consistency of your design across the full spectrum. When you are choosing a source for your business stationery, be certain that they can supply all of the pieces that you will need to put your business’ best face forward. A full suite of business stationery includes:

  • Business cards
  • Letterheads (including departmental letterheads)
  • Envelopes in various sizes
  • Invoices, receipts, purchase orders, shipping labels
  • Internal-use forms (inventory, billing orders, supply request)

Creating an image with your Business Stationery

What impression do you want to convey about your brand? Here are some specific suggestions for paper and color choices that you might make for your company.

  • Youthful, Creative and Hip — Choose bright, clear colors and rounded typefaces, smooth surfaced papers and glossy finishes
  • Green and environmentally conscious — Keep it simple. Use unbleached and un-dyed paper with a rough, matte surface.
  • Executive, Traditional and Formal — Blue and gray are colors that ooze tradition. Stationery in soft gray or blue, or pure white, engraved black type and crisp typefaces will convey authority and tradition.

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