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Choose a stationery, practical no 1

New Hua report industry net Xun summer vacation about to ends and another wheel"school begins economies" prologize.This several days, small wares market, each stationery counter of big supermarket, and the inside of the professional stationer store is an all small shopper Ying portal, the parent form a continuous stream.Cautiously see the top of the counter those popular stationeries, the shape is unusual, the function are of a great variety of almost disappear completely.Pour is the colourful pen and ink pen that can wash to wipe and fructify not afraid fall off of many bag is welcome by parents most .Especially aim at just up the kid of primary school, a schoolbag with healthy and cheery design, 1 helped a kid create good custom of child's whiteboard, safety convenient dynamoelectric coil pen knife, the rate anti was expensive and also begged for a kid to like very much.

  The color crayons can wipe to wash

  The colorful aqua pen went to children change hands up, not only can draw don't have the picture of creativity, also the energy is on the wall and the furniture ascend to ask for trouble for the parents.The reporter finds out at central portal several big stationery wholesale markets not a few can wash the colourful pen that can wipe.24 colors of a certain and local grand old popular brand or 36 color water color pen, pack supercript clear can wash with the aqua.Company's house call that this kind of if is gone toward the furniture of wood guilder by the kid, even the walls of waterproof beaded paint ascend disorderly draws in disorder, as long as dip aqua with the dish cloth can wipe clean."Mars text" that the children compose with sex on the book, can also use to dip the rubber of aqua slowly wipes.Some fluorescence pen, ball-point pen, inky pen, also take to have special eraser on the cap of pen, can erase a past these basically there is no way erase of handwriting.

  The pen can wipe to wash the rate(r.) be all not on the whole expensive.The water color pen of 24 colors probably 15 dollars be or so, fluorescence pen and ball-point pen probably 67 a dollars.

  Pen bag than pencil case application

  The pencil case of sheet iron and lastics is originally the tool of the students essential to have, but the have another of market lay pen bag more and more is subjected to the favor of parents now.The common pen compared several year agos bag, current pen bag shape 44 squares and squares, there is angular Leng, the capacity is larger.Some insides still have Dan inside the sponge and protect a stationery.Pen there is still various small pocket on the bag, course table, student the calorie, compasses, rubbers all has particularly of put bag.

  A lot of primary schools all recommend a bag in giving out a parent of new-born stationery procure catalog.A to bear to fall off again wash, very substantial, two to prevent unusual dispersion kid's attention of the lastics writing case, the lesson climbs benelux each other behind.The most important BE, the kid takes out a stationery while have a class, will not send out the action of the switch pencil case of tranche jingle.

  Select pen bag certainly is over-emphasize purple, scarlet, hide the blue, charcoal gray...etc. deep color train, the contra (con.) bear dirty, the rate of small wares market makes work in 12 dollars-20 dollars more delicate of about sales price 25 dollars be or so.Suggest you to leaven purchase pen bag for boy, must note the mass that zipper and magic take tie.

  Dynamoelectric coil pen the knife solution be cares at home

  Before dynamoelectric coil pen the knife fall under high level stationery, usually provide unit procure, now 18 dollars was or so and then can buy a child with driving a cell a dynamoelectric coil pen knife and iting is said to use the mass good cell can pare 7810 wood guilder pencils.Primary school requests grade 12 kid's study more to use common pencil lettering now, usually request a parent to want to pare very at least 6 pencils everyday.The parents mostly dislikes troublesome, use a dynamoelectric coil pen knife, convenience and then real benefit.

  Regardless is that the gold bridge, jade bridge, gold are prosperous thus of the small wares market be still the Nanking many catenate stationer stores, the 2 B pencil is because of school the teachers request and lay at the most attractive location, a pencil about 10 dollars be or so.Can also spend several dollars to buy a bag of lastics pencil cap in the small wares market, the set is on the nip, safe hygiene.

  Choose good child's whiteboard makes scheme

  At some stationer stores, the reporter sees have a parent give to return at up big class in kid's park of the daughter bought a kind of sheet iron whiteboard.Different from whiteboard used in unit, child's whiteboard the small rea ratio magazine be big anti how much, large of also however the amplitude surface of A3, around have cartoon pattern, there is also the color crayons and loadstone of cartoon.The parents say thus of the whiteboard put in the home and write for kid an everyday plan, put up to have a class distance table, draw up a study progress chart etc., hope to become good custom by this development kid, orderly, lift high-efficiency.Child's whiteboard is 15 dollars~20 dollars disparity, the rate anti is expensive, but the action anti be small.

  The tie schoolbag go to school recreation two use

  The schoolbag is the big end in the stationery, this year tie box the schoolbag of the quinonoid formula be still greatly popular.Aim at the boy leavens to leave out of account hygiene and allow the schoolbag tape Da tension to drag along on the earth again is a mire and is an aqua, wants to pull up handle and wheel on the tie schoolbag of new improve, have to lay up shoulder bag band first to go, otherwise can't drag along a line.

  What tie schoolbag use is duralumin tie and bracket that the all light guilder turn, didn't put a book to relatively sink, if the back go inconvenient, will also cause kid camel back.A kind of tie schoolbag of new model, the duralumin bracket, wheels all can dismantle down and reduce negative for the schoolbag.Still had individual design in Zhejiang plant house to match the child of tie schoolbag a single shoulder recreation bale this year.The schoolbag uses at school , the recreational bale is to swim reserve for the spring autumn of.Holidays tour, the recreation bale can also let the kid trail to walk together on the tie schoolbag with the set, full set rate about 200 diverse.

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