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Cultural term solution: stationery

Four Treasures
Wen Four Treasures of the Housing Sibao, is China's unique instruments, tools, namely, pens, ink, paper and ink stone. Four Treasures of the name, originated in the Southern and Northern Dynasties period (420 -589 years), because the ancient Chinese scholars should always use the brush, ink, rice paper, ink stone, they are an essential literary study in the four treasure. Since the Song Dynasty, "Four Treasures" means the Lake Pen (Huzhou, Zhejiang Province), Hui Mo (Huizhou in Anhui Province), Xuan (Anhui Xuanzhou), Beitrag (Guangdong Zhaoqing, in ancient times known Duanzhou), they not only have practical value, is also a melting painting, calligraphy, sculpture, decorative works of art as a whole. In 2007, the history of the Chinese Academy of Science and Technology, China Four Treasures of the Association, to the UNESCO declared as a world-class "non-material cultural heritage."
The case of supplies of ancient books
In the ancient text of his study room, in addition to pens, ink, paper and ink stone of the four major stationery, there are a number of other ancillary equipment, they are also essential for the composition of stationery product, a member of the family. Ming Tu Long in the "elegant stationery made" in the account of more than 40 kinds of paper stationery, usually the more common are penholder, pen, pen wash pen licking, pen lattice, Shui Yu, ink bed, inkpad boxes, paperweight, etc. . After Chinese dynasties literati their development, these paper stationery cultural tastes are increasingly being recognized.
Record the process of European civilization quill pen
From the Middle Ages to the 19th century, quill pen as a writing tool to record every stage of the process of European civilization. Almost all of the text books (such as religion, philosophy, literature, history, science, medicine, business and management) without instead of relying on this inexpensive, quill pen to complete. The information is the earliest record of quill pen Rowe was in the Italian city of San Vitale church found. Quill pen than in the past there have been many merits, it is flexible, durable, can cut out the finer pen and easier to spread. So, do not have the slightest surprise, it naturally became the dominant position of more than 2,000 years of writing instruments.
Winning glory for the country's "Hero" pens
In 1931, the predecessor of a pen manufacturing plant wah fu pen manufacturing plant was born, and the formation of the embryonic form of the manufacturing sector in Shanghai fountain pen. It is in the semi-feudal, semi-colonial China several ups and downs, after suffering, hardship for the fountain pen manufacturing in China to open up the road. After the founding of New China, through public-private partnerships, enterprises in production, technology and enterprise size has been greatly developed.
April 13, 1984, in Deng Xiaoping and Margaret Thatcher and other leaders watched "Hero" pen to sign the Sino-British Joint Declaration on Hong Kong for the successful implementation of "one country two systems" thinking opened the way; Also in 1987, December 19, but also "heroes" pen signed between China and Portugal on the Question of Macao of the joint statement.
Apollo 11 lunar landing inside the old ball-point pen as a "savior"
July 20, 1969, U.S. astronaut Neil Armstrong from the "Apollo 11" spacecraft lunar module out, landing on the moon in the lunar surface to leave the first footprints of mankind to realize the dream of human landing on the moon. When the "Lunar Module Eagle" ready to fly the lunar surface, even only one engine to work. To make matters worse is to launch lunar module engine, circuit switching has also failed, and Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin try to keep calm, and ground control center to discuss the various solutions, in all attempts are exhausted, the Buzz Aldrin took the an old ball-point pen, ball-point pen at the top of the copper into the circuit card, it is hard to believe that the engine started. An old ball-point pen to save the "Apollo 11" and "moon mission"!
Under the Panguan Bi Yan Luodian
Pan Guanbi mixed martial arts, one of Bing Xie, is hidden weapon class. Also known as the champion pen. Device shaped like pens, pen point taper, pens to Cu Yuan, there are two ends are written, in the middle of a ring pen body shape closer to Emei thorn, ring finger pen set can be rotated, there is only one end of a writing skill in There is also the tail of the pen can ring pen spinning. Pen length 20 cm - 30 cm, front-end is slightly heavier than the back-end, mostly made of hardwood or metal. Main uses are to wear, point, pick, stab, stamp and so on. Action potential recruit has to wear hose, fairy cited needles, white ape-xian fruit, bottom of leaves to steal peaches, pairs of Splendor flowers.
God pen Ma Liang: Impact of the generations of children growing up fairy tales famous article
"God pen Ma Liang" is a world-renowned classic literature classics, influenced several generations of children growing up fairy tale famous article is a valuable treasure of the Chinese children's literature. "God pen Ma Liang," in 1980 was awarded the second prize awards, National Children's literary and artistic creation, was translated into national languages around the world has a very far-reaching effects on many occasions to win honor for the motherland. Compiled after "God pen" cartoon; music, songs and another with the same name.

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