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Do not buy outside the shop to buy Han Han has stress

Staff Committee shopping costs less than the cost to buy locally produced souvenirs to buy fewer clothes
Compared with last year, Spring Festival, Mainland outbound unprecedented enrollment. Many "rookie" friends getting ready to go to the major shopping SHOPPING.
However, the reporter from the major travel agencies and senior "Mix," Department learned abroad traps lot of shopping, many mainland tourists have been dizzy with passion, bought a lot of original material not required or counterfeit goods, and even more people to buy back to Chinese-made products exported to foreign countries. For the rich people in China, how rational exit shopping, is an important issue.
In general, the exit into the best shopping tour Staff Committee should not exceed the cost, that is, a man spent 4,000 yuan join South Korean tour, then used in the cost of the best shopping no more than 4000 yuan.
Themselves and family members need these items?
Proposed visit to surf the Internet search, listen to senior "Mix" ideas, to understand the destination market overview, and then develop a shopping plan, according to the book shop.
Need a gift?
Financial professionals do not agree with blindly send a letter in hand, the proposed transfer of more practicability of goods, less delivery popular souvenirs.
Southeast Asia: difficult to buy natural gemstone
Proposed purchase goods: Features food, hot sauce, oil soap
Analysis: In addition to Singapore, most Southeast Asian countries are not in the traditional sense of the shopper's paradise, visitors can buy some small goods, and unnecessary purchase of clothing, household appliances and other large items.
Does not recommend purchase of Specialty: gem stones, especially the red sapphire, emerald
Analysis: In recent years, complaints on the purchase of precious stones a lot of travel, the overall conclusion is that the region dyeing synthetic gem industry developed products throughout the tourist areas, tourists lack of identification of equipment, generally can not buy a natural gem.

Japan: Apparel are mostly produced in China
Proposed purchase goods: local brand cosmetics, small appliances, snack
Analysis: The same Shiseido cosmetics, launched in Japan than in the rest of the local launch of the quality of the foreign is better, small household appliances as well. Moreover, the Tokyo, Osaka, rich variety of the market, you can choose not to select a lot of domestic products. Japanese snacks exquisitely made, fragrant taste of pure, sugar content is not high, is the ages of food, gifts can be bought.
Is not recommended to buy: clothes and toys Commodity
Analysis: European and American countries with similar types of Japanese clothing market, toys, daily necessities are mostly imported from China. And because pavement of high rents, the price of clothing in Japan are far higher in China.

Europe: Luxury Multi-expensive than in Hong Kong, China
The proposed purchase of goods: high-end brand clothing, watches, chocolate
Analysis: France, Italy, the United Kingdom are the fashion capital, rich variety of room for a great selection. However, there can not be blind to buy the majority of European shops of high rents, the majority of the retail price of luxury goods in China than in Hong Kong and Macau region, higher than 10% to 15%. Chocolate is the European family of daily food, good quality and reasonable prices.
Not recommended for purchase: middle and low dress
Analysis: From the United States, Japan, to Europe, Chinese clothing toys swept through the low-end market, since the door had to sell, so why buy at high prices in Europe do? Suggest that visitors pay attention to see if there "MADE IN CHINA" will be displayed.

New Zealand
Expensive souvenirs
Proposed to be purchased: sheep oil, wool products
Analysis: The area is world famous wool kingdom, the production of wool products quality, rich variety, reasonable prices.
Not recommended for purchase: Travel Souvenirs
Analysis: The human costs of expensive, high price of souvenirs, and a brief history of the region, the product does not highlight the diverse cultural characteristics.

Do not blindly buy the military souvenirs
Proposed to be purchased: fur products, amber products
Analysis: the country's fur products cheaper than the Chinese mainland cities, 1 / 4 to 1 / 3. Of the country near the Baltic coast city of rich amber, genuine, cheaper than similar products in Guangzhou market, 30% ~ 50%.
Is not recommended to buy: Souvenirs
Analysis: models obsolete, there is little room selection, price is not cheaper than the domestic similar products.

South Korea: Cosmetics are also 359, etc.
The proposed purchase of items: jewelry, stationery products, garments of this property
Analysis: South Korea's commodity industry developed to produce excellent, the price than in Europe, Japan, a lot of similar goods cheaper, its design and production of jewelry, stationery stationery products, were concerned with the characteristics of beautiful shape. The domestic apparel Although they are not international top brands of luxury style, but also feature-rich, very suitable for Asian dress.
Not recommended for purchase: in the low-end cosmetics, food
Analysis: South Korean cosmetics and so on are also 359 divided, many low-end color cosmetics, hair care products the quality is not good, Guangzhou has always been cosmetic production base in Guangzhou residents to buy similar products, it is better at home. South Korean food is often not suitable for Chinese tastes.

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