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Keeping Journals:Leather Notebook

What is the soft side copy?Cover thin, soft notebook, a plastic cover for the paper, but also made of kraft paper. In general, the soft leather copy of each page of paper is not binding, but with the adhesive pick up. As the cover is relatively soft, and paper bonding way, the soft copy of the thickness of the skin in 300 pages.

Let teens know that they should keep these journals and look back on them in later years: they will be a priceless glimpse into their growing years that they will always treasure.Give them ideas on what to write. The common complaint is: "My life is boring; there's nothing 'interesting' to write." Encourage them to put their feelings down along with the daily ins and outs of their lives. They can express their hopes, dreams, and so forth. Teens love to make "lists" and fill out online surveys: they can make lists in their journals of their favorite foods, movie stars, sports figures, etc.When teens are going through bad times, suggest that they take out their frustrations on and vent to their journals. It will help them to sort through their conflicting emotions and make them feel better.If you have a teen that is self-conscious about his or her writing skills, encourage the child to draw in the journal instead. There are no real hard and fast rules in journal-keeping: it's all about self-expression, however it's most comfortable.Being able to express ourselves using the hand written word is rapidly becoming a lost art. Kids are more likely to type on their laptops or send a text message if they have anything to say. But writing by hand is a whole different experience for teens: it's a much more emotional connection with their inner selves, and it will be a tool that they can use to help them navigate through their most turbulent years. Here are some ways to help teens want to keep a journal.

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