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Little more than promote the concept of environmentally friendly stationery

"This is the green paper notebook, can improve vision, prevent myopia." Store sales certainty of promotion, accompanied by illustrations of "not to hurt the eye" logo to purchase stationery products Ms. Qin was most exciting. But a closer look, paper notebook decent, ultra-green signs are not recognized by authoritative bodies, but from a particular company and building design. In addition to the sign labeled "not to hurt the eyes," but also with special emphasis on products "with high-quality paper, refining, writing fluency." "Posted such a sign can represent the product green?" Ms. Qin can not help but feel puzzled.
    Ms. Sun's questions about the same due to environmental stationery products born, she had seen the news on renewable pencil, then with interest and try to buy support, but the number of searched every supermarket and stationery store, and ultimately it did not wish fulfilled . "The selling point for business is still focused on products, brands, styles, prices, etc., and will rarely take the initiative to refer to green and the like." Ms. Sun was strange: "Since the green and environment-friendly renewable pencil, why has yet to spread in the market do ? "
    Stationery area "Green Style" has long been the wind everywhere, but the real blow "great climate", but a few. Recently, in the hot colors stationery products wholesale Heaven in Beijing, when the reporters that want to buy environmentally friendly stationery products, the business to respond to a handful. Several times asked a salesperson came up with several "not to hurt the eyes" of the paper notebook cover indeed affixed to flaunt the "green" and "not to hurt the eye" logo, the price much higher than regular paper notebooks. However, these signs made entirely by the business, very randomly in the product affixed to the plastic membrane, and the different enterprises of different versions of the product affixed to the sign. It is understood that some "not to hurt the eyes" of paper, but the traditional light-sensitive paper and the reflection of light was changed, there is no direct contact with the green environmental protection.
    In addition, the reporter also noted that the market is selling highlighter, water color pen mostly one-off, used up whether the recovery should be questioned. "Refillable too much trouble, and these pens are very cheap, many parents is the one to buy several boxes." Salesperson told reporters that even some you can change the core of the gel pen, the lower the wholesale price of only a few cents, summoned up the courage and the cartridge. Therefore, many consumers easy way to purchase into the box directly to the use of pen rotation. According to reports, the main raw material for manufacturing these gel pen is a polystyrene or modified polystyrene, are anti-aging, anti-corrosion known, if not strictly separate collection dedicated to categorize the basic in nature can not be degraded. The gel pen core of the residual materials, including ink, grease and other floating on soil and water will have serious environmental pollution.
    Although the apparent lack of awareness of environmental protection on the market, but like "not to hurt the eye" concept of environmental protection in a number of stationery products is reflected in the packaging. Some colorful stationery have been labeled "green, safe non-toxic" on the cover, a number of products, particularly marked with "meet European environmental standards," "recyclable materials", "non-tropical rain forest trees," and so forth. The concept of variety, but the real environmental or not, alone enterprise "self-puff" is far from enough, also need the appropriate standards. It is understood that the State "Technical Requirement for Environmental Labeling Products Stationery products" and introduced draft is brewing. The draft environmental standards stationery products, stationery products for the current varieties, production technology, equipment, technology and other aspects of the actual level of production technology development of relevant environmental protection requirements, covering plastic materials, artificial board, packaging materials, this book whiteness and other aspects of the specific environmental requirements.
    Green is a general trend, the "green design" gradually surfaced in the stationery products field. In order to minimize resource consumption, some enterprises are fully taken into account in the design of manufacturing process to minimize scrap, waste generation, from the source to save resources; same time, the use of renewable non-toxic non-radioactive materials, to guarantee that consumers In the product will not be pollutants in the process of injury, and to ensure that the product can be a smooth recovery after the end of life. In addition, from design to production, all follow the high quality standards, maximize product life, improve resource utilization.
    In the meantime, environmental stationery products started earlier in the international market, which stocks fresh "green air" is also known as Centrino, some domestic enterprises also benefit from it. Recently, Zhejiang broad group of manufacturing environmental stationery products greatly favor of overseas business, a Swedish company made a 50 thousand U.S. dollars on the spot orders. Interestingly, these favored the "meat and potatoes" special raw material and do a "worthless" reed, cotton, sugar cane bagasse and even stones and so on. Therefore, the cost lower than traditional wood paper about 5%, but its market price than ordinary products increased by 5% to 15%.

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