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Ningbo Stationery products export business grew and grew

"Ningbo production of clothing, textiles, stationery products, small appliances, hardware tools, why can be unveiled and shouted out the world, and the export volume grew and grew?" Yesterday, at the city's exhibition of work outside the seminar, small beach, the Ningbo City Deputy Secretary for Foreign Trade thrown such a proposition.
In his view, removal of government guidance, enterprise own efforts and other factors, to go to all kinds of foreign exhibitors show direct "lit" the torch of exports.
The face of international financial crisis, foreign trade enterprises, Ningbo, once successfully reversing a sharp drop in foreign trade dilemma.
According to Municipal Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ningbo's foreign trade last year reached 60.81 billion U.S. dollars of total imports and exports, which exports 38.65 billion U.S. dollars. And participated in various fairs abroad has become a major channel for enterprises to expand exports, one - last year, overseas exhibitors breakthrough in 1000, Ningbo, overseas exhibitors directly to the city's total export turnover of nearly one-seventh of the total.
The financial crisis, orders for seizing business opportunities for export enterprises has become a top priority.
Last year in August, Ningbo was held in Singapore's first independent self outside the exhibition, just three days, and reached 5.5 million U.S. dollars turnover of intentionality. In addition, China (Jordan) Commodities Fair, Benin exhibition of Chinese goods, China - ASEAN Expo, inside and outside the show one by one, Ningbo's foreign trade enterprises to get rid of the shadow of the global financial crisis.
November 17 last year, the sixth China (Jordan) Commodities Fair in the Jordanian capital Amman International Exhibition Center, Ningbo and 79 companies in the Middle East deep into the hinterland, close to seize business opportunities in the Middle East.
"Our products were mainly exported to the EU, the participation of China (Jordan) Commodities Fair is to open up new markets in the Middle East." In order to iron as the main export commodities, electrical group china international exhibition salesman said.
"Middle Eastern countries because of the financial system is more closed and open level is quite high, and Ningbo products to light industry, necessities are necessities of life, strong demand in the local market. Ningbo enterprises are also participating this exhibition deal with the financial crisis, a good time to open up markets. "Sixth China (Jordan) Commodities Fair organizing committee, said Pan, Jianjun.
While in Benin by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Commerce hosted the second session of the Benin (West Africa) China Commodity Fair, Ningbo, exhibitors accounted for nearly one-third of the intention to achieve turnover of more than 5000 million U.S. dollars, with exhibition, Yong successfully entered the fast-growing enterprises in the West African market.
In fact, the right to participate in an exhibition, you can promote an enterprise or an industry exports. Cixi pioneer, Zhuo Li, Kai-Bo, Jin Shuai 4 appliance production enterprises, the original idea of holding try to participate in the Cologne Exhibition appliances and kitchen supplies, household electrical appliance enterprises with international well-known Siemens, Philips, Bosch, after competing against the Cixi exhibitors bring a heater, electric fans, irons, hair dryers, vacuum cleaners and other products, whether it is exterior design or color matching, in the confinement found an advantage, due to price advantage, every company to take to a lot of orders.
Time and time again to go abroad, time and time again an eye-opener came back Ningbo enterprises attach great importance to the design of new models, set up its own R & D center, to the internationally renowned design firms to buy the design, as constantly adjust product structure and improve product grade. Through continued participation, and continuously acquire new information, and constantly upgrade products, exports of small household electrical appliances, Ningbo, "cake" grew and grew.
The reporter has learned that the city enterprises to participate in overseas exhibitions will receive a financial subsidy to support. Enterprises to participate in Africa, the Middle East, Russia, Southeast Asia, the focus of exhibition held in emerging markets, but also a higher standard of subsidy.
According to incomplete statistics Municipal Bureau of Foreign Trade, last year the city completed a total of 186 projects inside and outside the exhibition, exhibitors breakthrough in 1000, the number of exhibitors over 15,000 visitors.

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