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Pens branded products in the stationery market in brand

August 7, 2009, WenzhouStationery Market opened two anniversary. The past two years, the market operation of all the tenants and the joint efforts of the staff made "to build, promote, while investment, side management" a good performance. Variety covers the business office supplies, sporting goods, office stationery, printing products, toys and teaching aids, books, newspapers, business gifts, arts and crafts, antique calligraphy and painting, five device precious stones, such as tens of thousands of kinds of tourist commodities. In just two years, the market operators to reach more than 200 family households, first, the two operating area of 70000 square meters, the annual trading volume of 360 million yuan, and access to three decades of reform and opening up the "National Famous Brand Market" , "Cultural Industry, Zhejiang Province key support project", "four-star Zhejiang civilized norms market" and "Cultural Industry Model Base, Wenzhou City," "foreign propaganda interview with a base of Wenzhou City," and other honorary titles.

Market in Wenzhou Stationery Style Stationery franchisee area,pen products everything. A collection of well-known brand across the country, the "Chinese famous brand" products Beifa, hobbies, dawn, heroes, Chinese, music United States, "China's well-known" trademark Beifa, true color, dawn, heroes and so on, these types of products pens brand benefit, but also further enhance the professional market of an emerging cultural goods grades and grade.


     In recent years, Chinese pens corporate brand awareness has been further increased. According to incomplete statistics, as of the end of 2008 only, the Chinese pens already has a "China Well-known" trademark 9, "Chinese famous brand" products 12, 23 Chinese enterprises pens Wang, China's famous brand pens 69, as many of these The pens brand products, a strong impetus to the upgrading of China's pencil industry and development.


     China Writing Instrument Company created a license through a difficult course, my pens development of private enterprises started in the 80's, early stage of development of private enterprises pens some imitation, OEM, set of licensing phenomenon, 'being investigated and dealt with these companies, but also to make Some enterprises have suffered huge economic losses, resulting in some enterprises and between enterprises, products and create unfair competition between products, in the pen business early stage of development, a phenomenon that is inevitable. However, as the Council for only the 25-year history, China Writing Instrument Association, because when the degree of potential to lead the relevant departments, organize a nationwide crackdown on the activities to achieve results, and in pencil enterprises in the country proposed the "striving for famous brand pens, construction, system Pen power, "the call, so that our pens gradually incorporated into the formal record companies licensing the track. After more than ten years of efforts, China has created brand pens made tremendous achievements, thus contributing to China's pencil industry in an unprecedented and healthy development.


     Brand benefit the enterprise to obtain greater economic benefits, but also across the country supermarkets, shopping malls, cultural goods are ready to introduce the professional market have a "China Well-known" brand, "Chinese famous brand" pens brand products and Chinese enterprises and products to enter the mall the market. Wenzhou Stationery opening of the market in just two years, had been introduced with a "China Well-known" brand pens the title product 4, with "Chinese famous brand" products the title of the pen products 10, these brands account for pen products for more than 80% of sales, "Chinese famous brand" "love card" pen stationery products market in Wenzhou, cool Fall

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