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State Supervision and Inspection Center, stationery settled Ninghai

The morning of December 18, the State Quality Supervision and Inspection Center stationery opening

ceremony was held in the county. Product Quality Supervision General Administration of Quality

Supervision, Inspection Division Liu Zhuohui, the State General Administration of Quality Supervision,

Inspection Technology Division Wu Jin-sheng, the Chinese Cultural Sporting Goods Association Mr Young,

the National Laboratory Certification and Accreditation Oversight Committee Regulatory Xiao Liang,

deputy director of the Department of Provincial Ye Yang, Deputy Secretary for Quality Supervision,

Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau of the Secretary Qiu Wei State and county leaders Chu Yin-liang,

Zhang Xingliang, Shao Xing Jie, Xiang Song Chun attended the opening ceremony.
It is understood that the State Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for stationery is a national

quality of statutory testing agencies, directly under the Quality and Technical Supervision in Ningbo City.

Commitment to product quality supervision and inspection, testing, and other arbitration commission

inspection work; commitment and participation in formulating and revising national standards, technical

barriers to trade such as technical support for the break and response research; research and

development of new inspection techniques, methods and equipment; Organization to carry out relevant

technical training, technical consulting, technical services, and so on. The center is the first state-level

cultural and educational products inspection center, its laboratories, equipment, testing personnel, and so

have reached the leading domestic and international first-class level. The establishment of the center,

completely changed the domestic lack of stationery products the status of authoritative inspection body

for the sustained and healthy development of China's stationery industry, has provided a strong quality

County deputy secretary of the county Chu Yin-Liang said in a speech at the inauguration ceremony and

stationery industry is Ninghai industrial economy, one of the traditional competitive industries, our

county has been awarded the "China stationery production base" and "China stationery industry base,"

the title of the current county there are more than 400 stationery manufacturer, stationery industry

output value, taxes and export delivery value of major economic indexes rank first among the six

characteristics of the industry forefront of the county. In recent years, stationery products, quality

inspection and trade barriers have been two major problems plaguing our county stationery industry.

State Quality Supervision, Inspection and stationery establishment of the Center will become the county

stationery product quality, and the country, "Protection of God" and the "guiding light." Wants the state

stationery stationery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for the purpose of the sound

development of the industry, from the standard setting, product development, technical barriers to break,

etc. to give strong support stationery industry in order to achieve industry and the supervision and

inspection bodies win-win cooperation. National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center stationery

settled in Ninghai, both honor and responsibility. County general stationery business should treasure the

hard-won opportunity to constantly upgrade its products and quality levels, so that more of Ninghai

Stationery products go all over the country toward overseas markets.
Liu Zhuohui, Wu Jin-sheng, Yang Li, Yang Ye, and other leaders were also at the inauguration ceremony.

While affirming the stationery industry, Ninghai, Ningbo, and the fruits of development, they wish our

country stationery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center to continually stronger, bigger, and strive

for our stationery and make new contributions to industrial development.
AQSIQ Butsu Science and Technology Division of Health and the municipal quality supervision by the

Secretary for State for the national stationery Qiuwei Quality Supervision, Inspection and inaugurated the


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