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Stationery:Designing of Notebook

1. The Notebook purpose or goal - The first big factor that should always shape yourcustom Notebooks is its purpose or goal.Many people print custom Notebooks for different reasons. Some people create custom Notebooks as business stationery, while others use it for more personal purposes. Others use those color Notebooks as giveaways and promotional tools while some use it for simple public relations.Depending on the goal, the design of the Notebook can and should change quite distinctly. It can really become creative and vibrant (such as the case with personal and advertising Notebooks) while it can also become formal looking and practical(such as the case with business Notebooks). So even if you have a personal preference in terms of the design of your Notebooks, the purpose of the Notebook should also be a big factor in design decisions.

2. Your intended audience - Another important factor that should shape your custom Notebook designs is the intended audience of your Notebooks. Your Notebooks, or more specifically the pages of your Notebooks will of course undoubtedly be given to other people. These people can be your colleagues, friends, family or even potential customers and clients.In such situations, the design content of your custom Notebooks (the letterheads, signatures etc.) should be adapted for those specific audiences. For potential customers, you might want to have your contact information printed at the top or at the bottom of the Notebook pages. For colleagues and friends, you might want to impress them with a personal quote or an inside joke. These features can make a big difference in the impact of those Notebooks that is why it is important to take note of your audience when it comes to their designs.

3. The Notebook's environment - The Notebooks native environment will also be a matter of consideration when it comes to design and printing. Some custom Notebooks can be office Notebooks that need a professional polish in terms of materials, while other Notebooks can be field Notebooks (used outdoors or in messy environments) that need to be more durable materials and coatings. In these cases, you need to adapt your designs as well as the materials to make things look good while still function well. This is a big thing that you should also take into account in your plans for Notebook printing.

4. The other printed materials with your Notebook - If your Notebook is part of a set, or a kit of some sort such as a public  relations kit, then it is important to consider those other materials in that set or kit. Of course, you will want a coherent theme throughout those different elements and your custom Notebooks must follow suit in its design. While you may have an original design idea with your Notebooks, it is good to at least try to match some of its elements to the set. It is just more logical and aesthetically pleasing to do it this way.

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