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Technical Barriers to Trade on the stationery industry

  Stationery industry in international trade are often included in children's products toys, the European Union and other developed countries for children's products use the high safety standards is well known. If they export to the EU member states children's products do not meet their standards, will be prohibited imports. Even if the products have entered the possibility of being recalled.

    As global environmental problems to make common voice in global environmental protection.

  In the ecological environment of tolerance reached its limit when the humans begin to terrible reprisals. Around the world every minute 28 people die from pollution each year 15 million people were killed; the 800 million people fell ill after drinking contaminated water every day 2.5 million people have died. The face of increasingly severe natural environment, retaliation, the international community launched a strong environmental protection movement. There is also a growing recognition that environmental protection is the common responsibility of mankind, we must take joint action. As the WTO does not prohibit member states in order to protect human, animal and plant life and health, or to protect the environment to set the various provisions of the imported goods, so to protect the security of the country for the stationery, technical requirements for an updated regulations published every year on the stationery exports brought many new problems. For example:

    (1) European Union by the end of 2006 issued on January 1, 2007 enforcement of EN71-9 standards, all products are exported to the EU to enforce, while the EU member states for the implementation of EN71-9 is not uniform. EN71-9 because of the high organic content of the test cost, increasing the economic burden of corporate stationery, inevitably increase the cost of the product. Reduces the competitiveness of products in the market.

    (2) in 2008 issued January 1, 2009 implementation of the United States first adopted by the California proposal: No person shall manufacture, or informed the sale of certain phthalates or their compounds content of more than 0.01% of the children's products and components. Phthalic acid salt is a common plasticizer inexpensive, but also a kind of infant and children's reproductive system, endocrine system and immune system to produce a certain degree of hazard substances. Once the ban is bound to have alternatives, the choice of alternatives and substitutes Price and so become a business to choose another problem.

    (3) The provisions of the 2008 United States Maine, children's toys and children's products in the lead content of 90ppm. On the basis of the original full limit 510ppm.

    (4), in 2008 the U.S. State of Washington to develop the most stringent standards for toys and children's products, HB2647 bill to limit the toys and children's products, lead, cadmium, as well as the use of phthalates, Washington, relating to the promulgation of the lead and cadmium content requirements for the United States State the most stringent requirements for such products. This request has been July 1, 2009 entered into force.

    (5) June 1, 2008 the EU REACH regulations published, the annual production or import regulations more than - tons of all chemical substances to the EU registration, annual production or import volume of more than 10 tons of chemical substances should also be submitted on Chemical Safety report. For registration material and to conduct assessments, including portfolio assessment and physical evaluation. According to EU experts estimated that a chemical substance per basic test cost about 85,000 euros, each new substance detection cost is about requirements 57 million euros. The EU regulations were clearly intended to protect humans and the environment; to maintain and enhance the competitiveness of the EU chemical industry; increasing the transparency of chemical information; reduce vertebrate testing. The EU's REACH regulation is the EU also launched a technical barrier, enterprises can export the EU had no choice - times improve product cost, but it also is likely to lose in the EU's competitiveness.

    In recent years, China's foreign trade stationery industry is facing more and more from the developed countries, the challenge of technical barriers to trade. Generally speaking, technical barriers to trade on the stationery of the export market, trade opportunities, businesses and products and reputation and have a negative impact. From the export market scale, China's current direction of the main export stationery is still the United States, Southeast Asia, the European Union and other countries, for their share of the total exports of stationery industry, 80% of total exports. With the continuous development of technical barriers to trade and so-called protection of human health and the environment, the implementation of laws and regulations so that substantial increase in business costs, beyond the capacity of a considerable number of enterprises, the impact is extensive.


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