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  •   One of the common materials that are being wasted every year is notepads. Millions of students will leave their imprinted notepads unused and trash them after the school year. It is quite alarming that tons of trees are being cut to fabricate...
  •     Spiral bound notebooks allow you to use and turn pages easily without bending the entire notebook. Although you can purchase spiral bound notebooks at any office supply store or supermarket, it can be more exciting to make your own...
  • Leather note book binders are very durable and often pricey. Creating your own leather binder is  not as difficult as it might seem. Basically a simple leather binder can be created by cutting a piece of leather large enough to cover your paper ...
  • rtists and crafters like using paint markers to color different types of surfaces, and many people prefer markers to brushes. Marker pens come in a variety of sizes, from short pens appropriate for kids to long and slender tools for adults; regardles...
  • Notebook battery life is a big concern among users due to the high costs of battery replacement. While many people concern themselves with how many hours they can squeeze out of each charge, it is also important to know what things you can do to keep...
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